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Pave Jewelry Guide - Illustrated guide to pave jewelry design, settings, and construction methods. Pave jewelry features small, round, brilliant diamonds or gemstones that are set in closely-spaced rows. The stones are often the same diameter. more info..
Power Woodcarving Guide - Illustrated guide to power wood-carving techniques and tools. Power carving tools remove wood more quickly and precisely than traditional wood-cutting tools, and they also give the user more control. more info..
MCB (Marquetry) Supplies - Suppliers of Inlay Bandings, Boxwood, Black, & Coloured lines, veneer adhesives, veneer tape, Coloured Veneer, A5 & A6 Marquetry Veneer, Marquetry Veneer Packs, Model Makers Constructional Veneer, in large or small quantities to trade & DIY. more info..
Art and Crafts for Kids on Pinterest - Like these resources? visit my blog for tons more! | see more about weaving, paper plates and art projects. more info..
Michaels Stores - Michaels is North America's largest specialty retailer of arts, crafts, framing, home décor & seasonal products for hobbyists and diy decorators. more info..

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