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Speakaboos Videos - Stories to teach kids about nursery rhymes. more info..
PBS KIDS - Visit Elmo's world and rhyme words with Elmo in this free educational rhyming game from sesame street. more info..
Rhymer - Find rhyming words with the online rhyming dictionary. more info..
Rhymes-Enchanted Learning Software - Mother goose rhymes in rebus form. Rebus rhymes site is designed for children who are learning how to read. Preschoolers and kindergarteners enjoy picking out the words they can read in their favorite rhymes. more info..
Rhymes.net - Rhymes.net: online rhyming dictionary that contains thousands of rhyme entries for almost any given word. ©2013 stands4 llc more info..
Land Of Nursery Rhymes UK - Specialist Collection of over 1000 Childrens nursery rhymes and Poems. Plus Singalong, nursery rhyme riddles, puzzles and quiz. more info..
Rhymes.org.uk - All of the lyrics to the most traditional nursery rhymes with their origins, history and meanings. The most popular nursery rhymes are Jack and Jill and many other.
 more info..

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