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Basic Listings: - Salon, online news and entertainment web site, combines original investigative stories, breaking news, provocative personal essays and highly respected criticism along with popular staff-written blogs about politics, technology and culture. more info..
Slate Magazine - Politics, business, technology, and the arts. more info..
TIME Magazine - News Magazine - The official home of TIME Magazine online, presenting the top news stories of the day and current events from around the globe. more info..
Reader's Digest - is the official web site of Reader's Digest and its affiliates. Offers select articles from monthly publication. more info.. - National news, world news, health, technology, entertainment and more. more info..
BBC Magazines - From inspiring you to create a beautiful home and garden to entertaining and educating your children BBC Magazines provide a range of quality publications you can trust. more info.. - is the prime destination for celebrity lifestyle and royalty news on the net. more info..