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Flatlift TV Lift & Projector Lift Systems - With high-quality TV lift systems by Flatlift you are in control. At the push of a button, you can hide or show your audio and video equipment – fast and without a sound. Perfectly integrated in furniture. more info..
Formaspace - Formaspace designs custom workbenches to precisely meet customer's evolving needs. more info..
Lab Equipment Depot - Distributor of equipment and supplies for science and laboratory researches. more info..
Labomed Inc. - Labomed manufactures high quality microscopes, spectros, spectrophotos, photometers, UV Visible spectrophotometers measuring instruments and scientific equipments. more info..
Precision Stability Storage - Fulfilling the need for offsite stability storage rooms and redundant stability storage, Precision Stability Storage provides stability storage that exceeds ICH guidelines. more info..
Gilson - A manufacturer of specialized analytical instrumentation for scientific research and industrial markets. more info..
LabX - Online trading and auction site for used and excess scientific laboratory equipment. more info..

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